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A new online legal education program designed to increase legal literacy and reduce crimes experienced or committed by young people, including intimate image-based abuse and cyber bullying, will be rolled out to students across NSW later this year.

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman announced last month that Youth Law Australia (formerly National Children’s and Youth Law Centre) has been awarded $60,000 to develop and deliver crime prevention-focused lesson plans and resources to secondary teachers and students via online platforms and social media.
“The courses will help increase young people’s understanding of criminal law, the harm suffered by victims of crime and the consequences of obtaining a criminal record,” Speakman said in a statement.

“Young people may view sexting as harmless fun, but it’s important they understand sharing an intimate image of another person without their consent carries a sentence of up to three years in jail.”

The NSW Department of Justice will work with the NSW Advocate for Children and Young People on a broader range of actions to promote legal and financial literacy in schools and the community. These actions form part of the NSW Government’s upcoming Civil Justice Strategy.