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Combining elements of his old and new homes underpins the success of Australia’s first practising Portuguese lawyer.

An important but often overlooked strength of migrants is that they bring different cultural and intellectual knowledge to their new home and apply it in their work there. Duarte Bazaliza is no exception. His law firm, Bazaliza Lawyers, incorporates a strong element of Bazaliza’s native family-oriented value system, along with detailed knowledge about Portuguese legal matters for his Australian clients.

Bazaliza, who says he is the first Portuguese bar-qualified lawyer to practise in Australia, established his firm in January. The firm covers general legal practice – including migration, family law, property, wills and estates, and immigration – and specialises in Portuguese concerns. His Australian wife, Penelope, is a key part of the enterprise, providing everything from marketing to administrative support.

Like many migrants, Bazaliza came to Australia seeking a better life. After receiving his LLB (equivalent) from Lusíada University in Lisbon in 2004 and carving out a successful career in Lisbon, Bazaliza wasn’t satisfied.

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