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Being a leader can be tough when teams comprise diverse personalities and agendas. Wendy Born, an executive coach and author of "Languages of Leadership", says small changes in management style can improve how you connect with all people in an organisation.

“To me, language means the words we use, but it also means the actions we carry out and the behaviours we have developed over many years. By using this language in the most effective way, you get the most effective outcome,” Born tells LSJ.

Having advised leaders over a career spanning more than 20 years, Born’s book is a reference guide on what to do and say in different workplace scenarios. She says her tips are relevant to all people in an organisational pyramid – not just those with a formal managerial title.

“We often look at great leaders and think they are born with it and it just comes naturally. There is no reason why anybody cannot learn and practise leadership and become really good at it,” Born says.

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