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In 2020 BC (Before COVID-19) somewhere in a UK pub two executives were drawing a big idea on the back of a napkin. In 2022 AC (After COVID-19) that idea has ignited a digital bundling revolution and now BundlePro is celebrating 10 million pages being bundled across the world in just 18 months.

BundlePro does the basics any support team wants when creating document bundles and packs. It automatically converts large volumes of documents (scanned paper and /or digital native documents) into a single Portable Document Format (PDF) file, complete with Bookmarks, Links, Table of Contents, and a Cover Page.

BundlePro takes bundling to the next level with essential features that automate document collation, pagination, and other essential technical formations. It further sets the bundling benchmark with how easily you can import folders and files, customise documents, file electronically, and recover costs directly from your client in a single disbursement.

Now, with the release of BundlePro 3.0, you can take advantage of a digital bundling evolution, giving you real-time collaboration advantages with new tools to enable your bundling from almost anywhere.

New features

Our innovative Sharing Portal allows you to securely share your bundle externally with your counsel, client or even the other side’s solicitor, if required, so that the invited party can review, comment, annotate, create hyperlinks, and make redactions in real-time.

These collaboration tools (annotations, redactions, tagging, and commentary) makes the digital experience better than paper for those practitioners loving highlighters and sticky-notes. Now everyone can mark-up text, provide commentary, redact, and remove sensitive information, and colourfully tag important and relevant information, all from the comfort of their favourite armchair.

The secret sauce is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which makes scanned documents searchable so that you can find information and copy text with one click. The bundling evolution includes smart hyperlinking to separate documents and / or pages plus linking to external online resources. This feature makes referencing as easy as making toast so that you can link crucial paragraphs in your bundle to online sections in legislation, relevant case law or authoritative commentary on a publisher’s website.

But wait there is more – it also includes advance searching so that you can quickly find information across your bundle – even hidden information in a document’s metadata for e-discovery.

Unlike other platforms, BundlePro’s is unique because we include all these premium features for your benefit at no extra charge.

BundlePro is now more than just an old-fashioned litigation tool. Our clients are using it for a diverse range of matters, briefs, affidavits, personal injury claims, immigration packs, probate bundles, property development packs and more.

Our exclusive integration with LEAP provides you with the best productivity and cost recovery solution so that you receive all the efficiency benefits, with none of the operational costs.

Download your BundlePro app today on the LEAP Marketplace, or call us to request a demo.