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Sitting down to lunch with David Bushby, legal entrepreneur and Managing Director at InCounsel, offers a glimpse into the burgeoning world of law done differently.

David Bushby has always been one step ahead of the pack. He was doing podcasts before they were a “thing”, understood the power of content marketing before content was “king”, and had launched legal tech start-ups before the phrase du jour had hit the general vernacular.

A Big Law defector, Bushby recognised the huge potential in alternative, agile legal services at a time when the Australian legal market was only just waking up to the scent of imminent technological change.

It’s refreshing, then, to see an entrepreneur of Bushby’s ilk order a plate of good ol’ fish and chips at one of his local favourites, Tilly May’s. The Surry Hills-based Managing Director of InCounsel – a digital marketplace for lawyers – often wanders into the trendy rooftop bar which has recently opened just around the corner from the house he shares with his wife and two young sons. It’s all part of the enviable lifestyle he has constructed around flexible work and an ability to call the shots.

“I usually work from a co-working space just around the corner,” says Bushby. “I spend the first hour of work in a café or at the beach. So, yeah, being on my own has been amazing.”

Bushby’s InCounsel venture, launched in late 2016, has seen him return to a more solitary career; similar to the one he launched in 2008 with Board Room Radio, a legal content platform on which he produced more than a thousand podcasts and videos for law firms and corporates.

Tilly Mary's interior
Where we ate: Tilly Mary’s, 505 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW. Ph: 02 9319 6802 [email protected]

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