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Dear Anna,

It’s been a tough year and I’m struggling to motivate myself and my team. Everyone around me seems grumpy. Do you have any advice for leaders in this situation?

I hear you. The weeks between the October long weekend and the Christmas break can be tough for many. You know what needs to be completed before the end of the year, but you just can’t find the energy to tackle them. It can be really challenging when you have to interact with others to achieve your goals.  Here are a couple of things to cook up some motivation. 

The basics: Just like the salt, butter and flour in your kitchen, take a look at the basics and see where small, consistent changes can be made. Sleep well, eat well and exercise well. I’m not recommending a radical health kick. Rather 30 minutes extra sleep, one less meal with Paris mash, and one extra walk each week. Next comes caffeine, chocolate and all those other pick me ups – you get the idea.

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