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Theodora Ahilas, head of Maurice Blackburn’s asbestos and dust diseases national practice, has been awarded the 2018 Law Society President’s Medal.

Society President Doug Humphreys recognised Ahilas for her more than 25 years of experience in asbestos law in Australia and New Zealand.
Ahilas, who has a Bachelor of Laws with Honours, a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Social Work, received the award at the Law Society’s Annual Members’ Dinner in Sydney on 25 October.

“Theodora has exhibited an unstinting commitment to seeking justice for people living with the debilitating consequences of dust disease, most recently as National Head of Asbestos and Occupational Diseases at Maurice Blackburn,” Humphreys said.

“Her ability to marry technical excellence with genuine compassion has made a tangible difference in people’s lives. “The empathy, resilience, and emotional intelligence she has brought to her leadership of a challenging area has allowed her clients to find their own strength. Those individuals have always felt that she was available to them.”