Female solicitors now outnumber male counterparts in every Australian state and territory

A new report published today by the Law Society of NSW has announced an historic new tilt to gender balance in the legal profession.

Four new magistrates tip Local Court closer to gender parity

The appointment of four new magistrates tips the percentage of women magistrates in the Local Court of NSW to 49.6 per cent.

Salary transparency and quotas: will they solve law’s gender inequality woes?

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Going Dutch

With gender equality a burning issue in Australian workplaces, law firms are looking at how countries like The Netherlands make life easier for men wishing…

Year 101: What next for women in law?

It is 101 years since Australian women won the right to practise law in NSW, but barriers to gender equality remain.

The four stages of gender inequality awareness

Dr Kirstin Ferguson spent her early career in blissful ignorance of gender inequality in the workplace. Eventually, the evidence became undeniable.

Tough work at the coalface of change

Human rights defenders across the world are fighting for gender equality.

The atypical CEO

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Partner of Maddocks Michelle Dixon is different to the leaders of most major firms in several notable ways. Despite her…