Managing our scarce water resources: developments in the Murray-Darling

Analysis of the latest legal and policy developments in the Murray-Darling Basin ahead of the much anticipated Royal Commission report. By EMMA CARMODY.

Accounting for the ‘wholesale plundering’ of a business

High Court confirms knowing participant in a breach of fiduciary duty is liable to account for any benefit gained as a result. By KATE BOYD.

Under pressure: the link between risk and stress

It is important to recognise the close relationship between stress and the increased risk of a professional negligence claim. By CANDICE PERRIMAN.

Total and permanent disability claims: NSWSC confirms insurers’ responsibilities

Supreme Court considers insurers’ duties to act reasonably and with utmost good faith as well as the bases for court intervention. By JEREMY HARRISON.

Changes to Australian Consumer Law: key benefits for vulnerable consumers

The first suite of proposals from the Australian Consumer Law Review will soon be enacted. By LAURA BIANCHI.

The NSW Working With Children scheme, five years on

Working With Children laws reformed in response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse . By SHARMINIE NILES.

Estate planning traps: binding death benefit nominations and enduring powers of attorney

The authority of an enduring attorney is expressed differently in each jurisdiction. But a Queensland decision may have relevance in New South Wales. By JEN…

Birthing a legal lacuna: the extraction and use of sperm without consent

A personal tragedy has cast light on whether sperm can be extracted and used from an unconscious or dead person without prior written consent. By…

Commonwealth Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse: Redress payments

Lawyers have a tough task advising survivors of sexual abuse about the alternatives to a redress offer. Most survivors will receive less than the maximum….

Changing the legal status of nature: recent developments and future possibilities

Changing the legal status of nature from an object, or human property, to a rights-bearing subject in law is an emerging legal movement. By DR…