‘Without Fear or Favour’: ALRC report on judicial impartiality

The ALRC report on judicial impartiality has recently been released. It makes sweeping and structural recommendations.  

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Good etiquette is good advocacy: Professional interactions in and out of court

As face-to-face court appearances resume, there has been an increase in reports of rudeness and intimidation from barristers and solicitors in court.

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Working with clients with disability: improving experiences in the justice system

Insights and practical tips for working with clients with disability & engaging with the Royal Commission.

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GoFundMe: The gift that keeps on giving?

A closer look at the complex legal issues raised by crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe.

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A guide to the new National Sports Tribunal

The National Sports Tribunal has been established to provide the sporting community with an independent tribunal for the fair hearing and resolution of sporting disputes.

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A lawyer’s duty of confidence and the advancement of justice

Justice Kyrou explains the importance of justice and a lawyer’s duty of confidence in light of the Lawyer X scandal.

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New driving laws: a zero-sum game for NSW

What you need to know about NSW’s new drink driving laws. By JOHN SUTTON.

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The Constitutional limits of NCAT’s jurisdiction

Clients need to be advised of the Constitutional limits of NCAT’s jurisdiction so that alternative remedial avenues may be pursued. By RICHARD MCCULLAGH.

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Accounting for the ‘wholesale plundering’ of a business

High Court confirms knowing participant in a breach of fiduciary duty is liable to account for any benefit gained as a result. By KATE BOYD.

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Class action risk: now and in the future

Class action risk has increased significantly over the course of the past decade. By ROSS DRINNAN and JENNY CAMPBELL.

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