Experts at loggerheads over consent law review

Specialist sexual assault courts and lower penalties for offenders who honestly believed their victim agreed to sex are among the proposals submitted to a NSW-led…

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Domestic violence victims cry out for additional court resources

Domestic violence victims are being forced to live out abusive and dangerous situations as they wait for their matters to be heard in overflowing courts.

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The four stages of gender inequality awareness

Dr Kirstin Ferguson spent her early career in blissful ignorance of gender inequality in the workplace. Eventually, the evidence became undeniable.

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Six minutes with Anita Will

Meet solicitor Anita Will from Kingsford Legal Centre, who has co-founded a program teaching school students how to identify sexual harassment.

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Law Society urges politicians to commit to key election issues

Establish a Human Rights Act in NSW, raise the age of criminal responsibility, and raise the rate paid to lawyers doing legal aid work –…

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City lawyers charging five times as much as country lawyers

Clients of city-based lawyers can expect to pay up to five times what people in country areas would pay for the same document, according to…

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New Young Lawyers President is making an impact

New President of NSW Young Lawyers, Jennifer Windsor, speaks about the legacy she plans to leave with the legal profession.

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State government offers big money for big ideas

The NSW Government is calling on creative lawyers, coders and entrepreneurs to apply for grants of up to $250,000 to develop solutions to improve access…

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New President encourages lawyers to embrace change

Meet the 2019 President of the Law Society of NSW, Elizabeth Espinosa.

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