‘We are all tech lawyers now’ – the future of cryptocurrency

There are no specific laws in Australia governing cryptocurrencies, but introducing a regulatory framework may not be enough, given many platforms in the cryptocurrency and…

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Generative AI: how to use efficiently and safely

Here is a walk-through of how generative AI may be used to assist you to provide legal services, and the regulatory and ethical considerations that…

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A solicitor’s guide to responsible use of artificial intelligence

How to engage ethically with a chatbot: a solicitor’s guide to responsible use of AI

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Open to change: developing a growth mindset

Moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset while embracing change and innovation.

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Should lawyers care about neurotechnology?

Whilst the efforts of Elon Musk’s company Neuralink to connect human brains to computers have been well publicised, it’s less well known that Synchron and…

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Building trust Part 3: Supervising new lawyers online

The final article in a three-part series examining how lawyers can foster trusting relationships with clients and colleagues online and in hybrid work arrangements.

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Building trust Part 2: Establishing trust in online and hybrid team settings

Part two in the series examines the ways in which managers can establish and maintain trust while working online or in hybrid arrangements.

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Building trust Part 1: Relationships with clients online

As legal services move online, creating and maintaining a good relationship with clients can be challenging. However there are strategies to improve professional relationships online.

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Five innovative technology tools for small practices

There are many ways that small practices can take advantage of technology to reduce administrative costs, increase convenience and improve client satisfaction.

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