View from the top

Managing some of the country’s largest law firms comes with many challenges and requires leaders at the top of their game.

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A woman of influence

Jennifer Robinson, legal adviser to Julian Assange and the United Liberation Movement for West Papua, is Director of Legal Advocacy for the Bertha Foundation where…

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Ice age

As use of the recreational drug known as “ice”grows across Australia, so do the risks for lawyers and society at large.

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Magna Carta: 800 years young

As we celebrate 800 years of Magna Carta, it’s timely to reflect on the bloodshed and tyranny behind its creation and the reasons for its…

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Solicitors at war: a tale of Gallipoli

What role did solicitors and their families play in the Australian war effort? Take a look back at the the high cost the legal profession paid…

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Beating around the bush

The realities of regional, rural and remote legal practice are usually good, sometimes bad, and often surprising.

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Ten laws that need to change in 2015

There are many laws across the state and the country that are subject to the scrutiny of the legal profession. Key legal professionals give their…

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The perks of going rural

One in five NSW-based law firms is in the country, according to the 2013 Profile of the Solicitors of NSW, prepared by Urbis for the…

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Lost in translation

When it comes to communication, there is one thing lawyers don’t want to hear: they’re not very good at it. CLAIRE CHAFFEY examines why now…

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One day this cloud could lift

Few individuals possess the intellect, depth of experience, character and charm so warmly and freely shared by The Hon. Michael Kirby.

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