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InfoTrack’s Will Register and Death notice matching service is unrivalled in Australia. Established in 2015, Will Register is a complimentary set of estate services you can use to reduce the time and cost your firm spends in identifying probate opportunities.

Michael dalMaso, the Head of Litigation and Wills at InfoTrack, explains, “we’re all looking for new ways we can reduce time spent on identifying opportunities, whilst retaining the quality of our work, and this is no different in the wills and estate space. We created the Will Register for the purpose of streamlining the searching and matching process, helping to manage resources by consolidating the task at hand. The Will Register means you can proactively identify probate matters, all in one place.”

The register is available, alongside other InfoTrack innovations, integrated with Practice Management System (PMS) partners. To use the complimentary service, InfoTrack clients simply need to activate this service within their PMS to start synchronising and searching.

This seamless integration continues to run in the background of the PMS while you continue working, Essentially this means that your data is synched automatically without the need for manual intervention.

How does it work?

“Traditionally you would need to take a heavily manual approach, trawling through multiple websites to find the details of a death notice. The Will Register simplifies this process – giving you access to a library of wills and death notices from across Australia and New Zealand. This means you only need to go to the one source to search, and you’re able to easily manage and track the process, supporting you to find new opportunities or help in completing the probate process”, says Michael.

The Will Register itself holds a database of nearly 500,000 wills; a growing list which is regularly updated. Once a firm has activated the service, they simply select how often they would like to be notified by email when matches are found.

Benefits of using InfoTrack’s Will Register

Whilst there are numerous benefits to using this service, the greatest advantage a solicitor will find is having the information consolidated into the one area, saving time and resources.

“Searching through death notices can be extremely time consuming. The Wills Register combines this data into one area and automatically notifies your firm of any wills that match your own. The information you access is accurate and current, with alerts sent as often as you would like so you can discover more probate opportunities”, states Michael .

Our integration of wills, death notices and probate filings allows for efficiency, accuracy, and agility to how your practice can operate. To request a demonstration of the Will Register, contact InfoTrack today.