Air Canada forced to honour chatbot offer

Air Canada will have to compensate a customer, after a chatbot provided inaccurate information about bereavement fares.

By - 2 min read

New generative AI tool could amplify disinformation risks

OpenAI’s new generative AI system produces realistic and imaginative videos from text prompts, but the sample outputs published so far raises some concerns.

By and - 4 min read

Family Law Act reforms: An important moment for ICLs

Changes to the Family Law Act will come into effect on 5 May 2024. There’s a new mandatory requirement for independent children’s lawyers to meet…

By - 7 min read

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Sending money overseas for clients?

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‘Expecting the unexpected’: NobleOak’s new eBook

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Key trends in mortgage lending for legal professionals

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Film of the week: Fallen Leaves + ticket giveaway

In a week for emotionally manipulative romantic films, Aki Kaurismäki delivers the most earnest and deadpan of all.

By - 3 min read